How it Works?


. Tell your story
. Add a picture or video
. Set your crowdfunding goal


. Send emails
. Send text messages
. Share on social media


. Accept donations
. Thanks donors
. Withdraw funds

TIPS For Starting Your Campaign

  1. Tell your story: Share your motivation of starting a campaign. And the reason of raising money and what this cause means to you. Let your donors know where their money will go.
  2. Add Photo/Video: VERY IMPORTANT: Use photos and or a video to connect with your potential donors. This is the best way for them to be able to relate to your cause.
  3. Set goals: Think about how much money you are trying to raise and how many donors you will need to reach your goal? One of the best feature of Fellow Funding is that you will get to keep what ever money you collect (even if you do not reach your goal) an also that you can change your campaign's end date to give yourself some more time.
  4. Share your cause: It is very important to share your cause with your friends and family. Show them how important your cause is to them so that they not only participate but also share your cause with their friend and family. 
  5. Social media sharing: This is where you market your campaign and raise more funds. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to spread the word. Always remember to thank your donors publicly so they feel appreciated and re-share your posts resulting in more exposure to your cause.
  6. Update your donors: Keep the donors updated on how your campaign is going especially regarding the end date approaching. 
  7. Ask for help: Tag everyone you know to help you raise funds for your cause. Tag local media personalities, social media influencers and anyone else that can help spread the word.

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